For me the biggest lesson from the SARS-COV-2 pandemic is how readily people accept whatever they're told by purported authority figures and never bother to research the available data. How many have noticed that there's now a significant body of literature showing that the rush to put patients into induced coma in order to intubate them is likely responsible for around 70% of the early deaths? Or that the supposedly "overwhelming" evidence to support the efficacy of facemasks is in reality either statistically meaningless or based on inference that is impossible to support or reject based on the datasets used? How about the fact that all the data we have today shows clearly that covid-19 will be fatal to at most one-tenth of one percent of the population (a lower rate than obesity or smoking)? And how about the fact that as mortality decouples from infection rates, the media now focuses on infections simply because it's more sensational than a falling per-infection mortality rate? We allowed irresponsible media reportage to stamped us into mass hysteria; that's the real lack of thinking here. Everything else is trivial by comparison.

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