For me the interesting contrast is with nations that have a more adequate approach to policing. The Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland have very low rates of police-initiated violence because they hire psychologically stable people and train them extensively in non-violent means of de-escalating. The police in these nations see their job as being elements of social stability. Conversely in the USA, far too often police officers are nothing more than brainless thugs in uniform acting with impunity. Police training in the USA is laughably inadequate and far too focused on the application of violence. The only real solution is to disband all US police forces and begin again from sounder principles, but this is exceedingly unlikely to occur. At some point some people are going to realize that in a nation of 330 million with over 400 million firearms in circulation, endless police brutality will inevitably be met with force. At which point everything will escalate dramatically and what little remains of US civic society will go down the tubes entirely.

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