Given that Brexit will destroy around 2.5 million jobs over the next 3 years and prevent the creation of another 1.75 million jobs, younger people are going to struggle to find any source of income from which even day-to-day living is possible, never mind saving for the future. For some reason, in the last General Election, young British people (e.g. everyone between the ages of 18 and 45) did not overwhelmingly for the Liberal Democrats despite them being the only Party to state unambiguously that the future of Britain was within the trade-enhancing EU. Apparently nobody noticed that 47% of UK GDP is totally dependent on friction-free trade with the other 27 EU nations and on the various trade treaties agreed by other nations with the EU. So worrying about pensions is a luxury younger British people can't afford - they'll be too busy trying to survive on the pathetically inadequate and highly reduced benefits introduced previously by successive Conservative governments. Mass unemployment is the future of the UK for at least the next decade; pensions and house purchases are so far beyond reach as to be not worth worrying about.

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