Given that covid-19 is a non-threat (fewer people have died of coronavirus over the last five months than die from regular flu over the same period, and total coronavirus deaths relative to the overall level of death is less than 1% over the same period, e.g. a rounding error) it’s a testimony to the power of the media to shape perception that everyone’s running around hysterically imagining they’re going to die if they don’t wear 15 facemasks and cover themselves in disinfectant every 2 minutes.

The problem, as you correctly point out, is that we haven’t had a new antibiotic in the last 40 years and irresponsible over-use on a massive scale has created perfectly resistant bacteria. The real epidemic will come when US meat and eggs are so contaminated that millions die of food poisoning from drug-resistant e Coli and other normally harmless organisms. No doubt at that time the media will be delighted to run more scare stories and politicians will come up with spurious actions to “save” people that, in fact, create far more harm than benefit. Perhaps we’ll all be told to superglue our lips, hop on one leg, or burn a witch in order to save ourselves from the bacterial apocalypse.

Meanwhile however the media remains silent on this very real threat because no one wants to upset the large food and drug companies. Their advertising dollars are far too valuable to jeopardize.

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