Given that technology amplifies our inherent stupidity and that our species is very likely to exterminate itself through abject folly within the next 200 years, it’s hilarious for anyone to be worried about what may happen a billion years hence. Especially when we remember that the longest-lived species we know about (aside from bacteria) is the Nautilus, and that’s only been around for 400 million years. The chances of any version of homo sapiens or its descendants being here in even 100 million years is precisely zero. The distant future will not be observed by us so we really, really don’t need to worry about it. What we do need to worry about is the massive global harm we’re wreaking right now and the total inadequacy of our current systems of governance, but apparently it’s easier to remain in a state of catatonic denial. Hence the 200-year self-extermination timeline I refer to above.

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