Google’s attempts to encourage personnel to eat more adequately are to be recommended, but they are still very far away from a thorough approach to nutrition. The human body requires a wide range of macro and micro-nutrients and cooking food for taste, with a nod to vegetables, ensures that employee nutrition will still have some significant gaps. Furthermore, the catering company’s need to eke out a margin on each meal will likewise tend to ensure that cost rather than nutritional value predominates in the choice of menu items.

The sad thing is, there’s now a reasonable amount of science regarding the impact of various micro-nutrients that clearly show improved cognitive performance (executive function, memory, attention, reaction time, accuracy of performance, etc.) can be achieved with simple additions to the daily diet. Google, and other tech companies that rely on the brainpower of their employees, could achieve both significant health and cognitive performance improvements were they to utilize this knowledge. Professor David O Kennedy at the BPNRC at the University of Northumbria, UK, has published on this topic:

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