Hello Frederick, I agree that human behaviors are shaped by biology and that a hypothetical alien species could operate along slightly different lines. For example a hive species would exhibit much greater internal cooperation and cohesion than we do. But even this hypothetical hive species would find itself in competition not only with other species within its environment but with its neighbors. Which would result in much the same sort of competition that we see among humans. In the end the exigencies of evolution, in which everything competes with everything else during their brief moments of existence, means that any species capable of breaking out of its original limitations is likely to exhibit the same kind of "invasive species" harm that we humans are inflicting on our own planet. It's one of the reasons why I suspect no species ever becomes "star faring" - like us, they self-destruct long before such fantasies can be realized. And of course, in reality, there's no possibility of "space faring" technological intelligent species anyway. Hardy bacteria and similar microscopic life forms may occasionally be swept between planets within a solar system but I very much doubt much other life ever is.

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