Hi Kitty, I wish I could be so sanguine with regards to the EU’s response. I note that every single country ignored Christine Largarde’s extremely sensible and useful suggestion to ensure open borders within the EU while closing external borders. This would have avoided a great many of the shortages of medical equipment we saw occurring due to the collapse of cross-border supply chains. But yes, it is good to see that several EU countries are (too) slowly reversing the panic-driven restrictions imposed several weeks ago. I do wonder, however, how the EU will deal with the real crisis that is about to unfold: the handling of the unsustainable debt & borrowing that’s been created over the last few weeks. The USA will inflate its way out of trouble as it always has done since WWII because it’s the world’s reserve currency. The EU doesn’t have that option. What’s coming will make the Greek debt crisis look like a Sunday-school picnic.

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