History is useful, not least because it shows us that plus ça change, plus ça la même chose. Remember the railroad barons? The oil barons? The tech barons are just the latest in a long line of lucky people who got to create monopolies and exploit them to the max. There is never a "day of reckoning" for the simple reason that US politicians have always been for sale. Remember Mark Twain: "the USA has the best government money can buy." The hard fact is that when you know you can do nearly anything you want with impunity, you will. It's no good demonizing individuals for normal human behavior. If the US political scene weren't so abjectly corrupt, things would be a little different. But as it is... Oh, and if it’s blatant exploitation of captive markets we’re talking about, let’s not forget the defense industry, the power industry, and much of the food & agricultural industry. Notice a pattern? Once again, when you have a totally corrupt political system, these things are inevitable. Tech is currently the trendy whipping-boy but much of the real harm is perpetrated elsewhere. It’s always a good thing to ignore the transiently fashionable media narrative and instead look at what the data tells us. And there’s plenty of data out there by means of which to achieve an informed perspective.

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