Hmmm….. it’s clear we humans are omnivores — our guts, dentistry, and biochemistry all attest to that. The problem for the modern world is that we’re eating too much meat and too little of the plant products that during our evolutionary history comprised the majority of our intake. Hence the average US citizen has four days of food festering in the gut, rather than going from ingestion to expulsion in around eight hours which is the average value for people consuming a more “traditional” balance of inputs. That’s why so many cancers appear in people consuming Western diets, why there’s so much inflammation, and why there’s so much gout (which results from too much protein being broken down into urea, some of which ends up crystallizing and causing swelling & arthritis-like symptoms) as well as inflamed livers.

While veganism is clearly attempting to ignore physiology, meatism does the same by failing to grasp the importance of plant materials in our daily diet. We’ve never eaten this amount of meat ever before in evolutionary history; for around 200,000 years we mostly ate plant materials with meat whenever we could; now for the last couple of hundred years we’re eating way too much meat and way too little plant material. That’s the problem.

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