Hmmm….. let’s imagine I’m a mother of two in Norway and I buy an all-electric crossover. It has a stated maximum range of (let’s pretend) 300 kilometers. But Norway is cold and dark for much of the year, especially as you head north. So now I put my children into the vehicle and I turn on the lights and the heater and the windshield wipers (to clear the snow). Maybe I even have the radio on, and my children would like to power their tablets. My effective range is probably less than 100 k now, and what if the roads are blocked with snow so we have to sit waiting, or our speed is reduced to a crawl? It’s not difficult to imagine a situation in which my family is now jeopardized in consequence of the fact that real-world scenarios quickly highlight the fragility of today’s EV proposition. Sure, if you live in California and just want to cruise down 280 for a meeting on Sand Hill Road then a Tesla is fine. But for serious multi-use duty in less clement environments we’re still in the realm of marketing fantasy rather than real-world utility.

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