I agree entirely with your general comments, Gideon. The supplement industry is 99% hype and no more than snake-oil sold to gullible people looking for magic fixes. But there is some good research out there; for example Bernard Gesch at Oxford University was the first to discover (accidentally, while actually looking for a different effect) that sufficient omega-3 can reduce agitation and increase concentration. His was a large scale (>1,000 per control & experimental cohort) double-blind study and has been replicated by several other groups of independent researchers. Likewise work conducted under the aegis of David Kennedy at the BPNRC has provided meaningful data regarding caffeine & theanine, as well as multi-compound effects for a range of other micro-nutrients. To my knowledge there are several other groups around the world, all affiliated with respectable universities, that are doing valuable research into the effects of micro-nutrients not only on health but also on cognition; sadly it’s so much easier to deliver a simple message (“Hemp cures cancer!!”) than to get people interested in more nuanced yet far more valid information.

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