I agree that dating apps enable one to widen one’s horizon but most people use them either to bolster the ego or are so amazingly picky that even a man with the looks of Brad Pitt and the lineage of Prince William and the money of Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t be good enough for them. Meanwhile men are busy looking for women 20+ years younger, convinced that their swollen beer-belly and conversational topics centering entirely around some sports team will naturally sweep all women off their feet.

For my part I’m peacefully single right now, enjoying the quiet and making the most of my time to reflect on life and acquire new skills and whenever possible spend time with my son, who’s an amazing young man. But if I ever feel the urge to date, I suspect I’ll find more humor in the process than success, especially at an age where my peers are falling apart or merely falling onto the nearest sofa.

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