I continue to not understand why the politically correct narrative about weight resolutely ignores the fact that obesity is a major health risk. I don't care what someone looks like: hair color, height, skin color, etc. But as someone who cares deeply about my fellow humans, I care very much about self-harm such as smoking, body mutilation, alcoholism, and obesity. Not only are overweight people at much greater risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, emphysema, type 2 diabetes, and a wide variety of musculo-skeletal ailments but it turns out being overweight puts one at elevated risk of mortality from other challenges such as covid-19, largely due to the fact obese people have elevated inflammatory markers. We should never talk about weight in terms of fashion or clothing; it's far too serious a topic to be trivialized in such a manner. If we love ourselves we take care of ourselves. It really is nothing to do with spurious political correctness. In addition, obesity is sometimes an indicator of problems with thyroid function, often indicating either (i) a lower-than-normal level of T3/T4 or (ii) lower-than-normal thyroid receptors in the relevant cells. Either way, treatment is to boost T3/T4 levels, ideally by bio-identical hormone supplementation but in the USA due to lobbying by Big Pharma the only option is synthetic hormone, which unfortunately is less well tolerated by the body but usually still far better than living with low levels of thyroid hormones.

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