I do love satire, but stupidity isn't amusing, it's just sad. The problem with the "NASA never went to the moon" rubbish is very simple: at the time the USA and the USSR were in a race to win the hearts & minds of the rest of the world. The Soviets had achieved initial superiority in space and NASA spent much of the 1960s trying to catch up. This is an important piece of context that hopefully even the most stupid and ignorant conspiracy-theorist can almost grasp. Now, is it possible, by any stretch of an ignorant and stupid person's imagination, that the Soviets would play along with the USA if the moon landings were a hoax? Remember: the Soviets were monitoring all the telemetry, just as the USA monitored all Soviet mission telemetry. If NASA didn't send the Apollo missions to the moon, the Soviets would have delighted in revealing the fraud. But instead, the Soviets spent huge effort trying to learn all about the engineering etc. that made the Apollo missions possible, and regretfully acknowledged that the hated capitalists had indeed beaten them to the moon. It is beyond belief that the Soviets, at the very height of the cold war, would have agreed to humiliate themselves in order to support a US hoax. But apparently conspiracy theorists are so totally ignorant and so endlessly stupid that they can't even work out this simple equation. Which is why their mindless babble is so very boring, tedious, and worthless.

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