I don’t watch Hollywood trash so I don’t have first-hand knowledge of the pulp you refer to in your great article, John, but I can note that it sounds just like any other Cowboys-versus-Indians plot that’s been re-used countless times to produce violent pablum for the masses. The real take-away from Hitler’s Germany is the same take-away from Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China and PolPot’s Cambodia and a hundred other places and times: that evil is perpetrated not by sneering uber-villains but by us.

We and our neighbors are the people who perform evil acts. The ICE and Border Patrol folk tearing terrified children from their parents and throwing them into cages are precisely the same decent people who go to church on Sundays and help out with bake-sales. Just as were German concentration-camp guards, soviet citizens who informed on their neighbors, and Chinese who obediently beat up their college professors during Mao’s absurd Cultural Revolution.

We do these things because a purported authority figure tells us to do them, and for the most part we don’t question our orders. We go with the herd, afraid to stand out.

That’s the lesson we should have learned. But instead we sit gawping at some new piece of McSlop for the brain, cheering for the cowboy as he guns down the indians/nazis/zombies/aliens/terrorists/whatever and so we learn nothing. Which means we are doomed to become Nazis ourselves, once more, for a lot longer than 15 minutes.

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