I have a theory.

Yes, I know. Whenever anyone says “I have a theory” it’s usually time to start edging toward the nearest door. But hear me out…

We’re a group primate species, which means we have an intense interest in what other members of the group are doing. Mostly we care about who’s sucking up to whom, and who’s sucking whom. Because these things can potentially alter the power dynamics of the group (for now we can use the word “group” in a general way).

Other things usually just hurt our brains. How many people want to read about quantum mechanics and the search for QFT? How many want to read something about why representative democracy is actually hopelessly unfit for purpose? Almost no one. But everyone wants to know about sex. Hence the guy who combined sci-fi with some sort of BDSM theme (I read about Gor on Wikipedia so I’m not really au fait). As per the wonderful sci-fi movie parody Paul, it’s always the triple-breasted heroine that receives the ultimate fanboy approbation: “awesome!”

So don’t take it personally. You’re just experiencing the consequences of evolution.

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