I know it’s easy to be cynical but this looks like just another way for Tesla to burn more VC dollars. Sure, they may claim to have lots of pre-orders and it is likely they’ll be able to sell quite a few to rich Silicon Valley folk who want another car for the garage collection. But as a working truck it’s a non-starter. First of all, even with rapid charge, no one is going to use a vehicle that’s unusable for a couple of hours after hauling a heavy load in the rain (those windshield wipers, heater, lights, etc. all draw amps as well as the extra amps required to carry a real load). Secondly, there’s zero rear visibility, just like the old Lambo Countach. So reversing into a tight space to load up with something will be, let’s say, “amusing” even with a backup camera. Thirdly, as you rightly point out, crumple zones are incompatible with the current structure. Forthly, where will the winch go? Or don’t working trucks need to be able to accommodate winches….? Oh, maybe not, because that would draw even more amps and deplete the batteries even faster. And let’s not even talk about a take-off to power tools on the jobsite…

All in all, this is great for poseurs and people who’ll never have to use the truck for anything other than a quick run to the grocery store. But as a competitor to real working trucks, it’s a pathetic joke.

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