I share your outrage. Those who outrage me most, however, are not Trump and his vile coterie of enablers. The people I feel most contempt and anger for are the countless government drones who carry out Trump’s instructions. Just like the lackeys who sought to ingratiate themselves with Hitler and those who today seek to ingratiate themselves with Putin, the government drones who carry out these despicable acts are doing so because they believe it will make them more secure in the New Regime. Also, being relatively uneducated, unskilled, and usually possessing few desirable traits, abusing the powerless gives them a fleeting sense of superiority and purpose.

It’s always those near the bottom of the social heap who perform the most unpleasant acts in order that they can feel superior to someone, anyone, for a while. This is why it’s so easy for creatures like Trump to succeed and cause so much harm: his mindless blusterings are put into effect by legions of low-status government employees.

Trump has no choice: he was born and remains forever inadequate, stupid, and infantile. But the drones who imprison US citizens and abuse them merely because they can get away with it do have some kind of choice. They could choose to behave better, but they don’t. That’s why they are, in the final analysis, far worse than Trump and far more deserving of our absolute revulsion.

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