I spent 27 years in the USA and the conclusion I came to is that for most people the age of consent should be set somewhere around 75, in order to enable most folk to avoid the anxiety that automatically accompanies anything to do with sexuality in the USA.

As a European I prefer my partners to be experienced and adventurous, just as I am. But that’s because I’m completely comfortable in my own skin. I know my penis is likely not the largest, my height is certainly modest, my features aren’t movie-star quality, and no doubt there are men who can cum more times in a night than I can. But I adore sex in all its variety and the connection between two people at a particular moment in time is infinitely more important than any external factors or previous lovers. When one listens to a Mozart piano concerto one isn’t comparing it to a Beethoven piece or something by Schubert; one is entirely in the moment, enjoying it to the fullest for what it uniquely is. And that’s how sex should be.

If one is so insecure as to be eaten away with self-doubt because one’s partner has had a hundred or two hundred lovers (or more) then perhaps one ought to restrict one’s personal pleasures to video games or scrabble.

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