I spent nearly two years (for professional reasons) moving around "Trump country" (aka The Bible Belt) and without exception all the Trumpies I listened to were basically morons. It's a mistake to imagine the average person has anything approaching an intellect; most simply repeat whatever memes they've been fed. I used to think liberals were fractionally less stupid, but the generic responses to SARS-CoV2 have utterly disproven that fallacy. As for US dead, let's remember that as 86% of US citizens are fat (and 40% are obese) and as 70 million have effectively no access to healthcare, what's surprising is that the number of deaths isn't far greater. Obesity is a huge risk factor in many diseases including covid-19, and the appalling US lifestyle means people will drop dead from even the most minor metabolic challenge. My own projections indicated that at least 800,000 should be dead by now, so the real question is: why are so few US citizens dying from covid-19? Sadly, no one seems particularly interested in examining this question. And no, it's not because of facemasks and lockdowns. Data from Sweden, the Netherlands, and Switzerland conclusively shows these factors have zero impact on fatality rates.

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