I suspect I speak for many when I tell you how much I appreciate you sending out advice to newbies such as myself. To be honest, though, my goals for my Medium pieces are very simple and modest. (A) Entertain a few people and perhaps, even better, trigger some new thoughts and ideas; and (B) earn enough to cover the annual $50 Medium subscription.

Anything beyond these two goals is pure unexpected upside. I suspect I’d have an aneurysm if I found myself earning a four-figure total for a year’s worth of writing, never mind $22k in a month.

(NOTE: if you’re a Medium curator reading this reply to Meaghan, I’m just kidding about the aneurysm, honestly, and I swear I would never hold Medium or its subsidiaries or any employees or contractors or authorized agents thereof responsible or liable for such an outcome or any related health outcome resulting from a significant numbers of dollars being deposited into my bank account; so keep curating my stuff please!)

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