I suspect it’s an age thing. As I’m much (much….) older than you, my first exposure to porn was reading Histoire d’O and of course with a book the imagination is engaged and one internally gives life to characters. This is why people still enjoy Dickens or Thackeray, for example. The Internet didn’t become a “thing” until I was in my mid-30s and thus by that time I was already past the age when staring at images was more than just a brief novelty. Perhaps also, as I grew up without movies or TV, I was unaccustomed to the necessary ignoring of how formulaic most entertainment is. As porn is very formulaic (as I commented on in my own article https://medium.com/@allanmlees59/why-porn-and-pantomime-are-so-similar-99bdfb4ddabf) it requires a huge suspension of disbelief and I was simply unable to make it. My guess is that as porn becomes increasingly limited to clips of people we know nothing about (and therefore care nothing about) going through motions like bored gymnasts, the age at which porn palls will become younger and younger. Perhaps twenty years from now, fifteen-year-olds will yawn and laugh at porn. Or perhaps, more likely, it will change and adapt to remain profitable. For now, however, it seems to be terminally boring and thus alienating.

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