I suspect the vast majority of Trump supporters are like the vast majority of Stalin’s supporters and Hitler’s supporters: utterly clueless. Most “ordinary decent” Germans who backed Hitler, and a huge number of “ordinary decent” Russians who lauded Stalin, did so because they were totally unable to understand the dynamics inevitably set in train by these men and their obsequious followers. Trumpies who say things like “Trump isn’t Hitler” lack all comprehension of how easily and how rapidly a society can turn into active darkness. Trumpies genuinely don’t understand how the ICE concentration camps are just the same as the pre-gas chamber camps in Germany in the late 1930s. Trumpies think that because they believe in the baby Jesus god, everything that happens is for the best — just like Catholic and Protestant Germans saw Hitler as a force for moral good because he opposed Communist agitators in Germany. In short, the very people who need to understand the lessons of history are precisely those whose mental incapacity and sheer ignorance renders them incapable of understanding anything at all.

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