I think a thoughtful observer would simply note that our technologies serve to amplify our inherent limitations and stupidities. There is, objectively speaking, no evidence whatsoever for the proposition that we've become better at understanding the world around us (most people still believe in childish tales of invisible magical creatures such as gods, ghouls, and goblins) and likewise no credible evidence for the idea that we've become less easily manipulated by unscrupulous "authority figures." The brain, containing all our hardwired behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, is extremely complex. Thus evolution with regards to the central nervous system requires tens of thousands of years in which to work any changes, and a relatively small population in which to do so. As we're now a species spread across the Earth, the propagation of even the most beneficial mutation is nearly impossible. So in that sense we've moved, for the time being, past the scale at which evolution can work, at least with regards to something as complex as our central nervous system. Thus we are, and will remain (until we exterminate ourselves through sheer stupidity) ape-creatures brandishing machines we neither understand nor can deploy safely.

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