I think it's hilarious to imagine humans, who are incapable of driving adequately in 2 dimensions, smashing into each other in 3 dimensions and tumbling out of the sky to kill those on the ground who will be standing gawking at the spectacle. While there will undoubtedly be a tiny niche market for one or two kinds of low-cost aerial vehicles, anyone who thinks they will be the cars of tomorrow is delusional and has failed to understand the parameters involved. Just because something is technically possible doesn't make it practically feasible. Tech boys love to fixate on toys, but everyone forgets they have hundreds of misses, sometimes costing billions of dollars, for every chance success. The aerial vehicle is a classic example of hype over analysis, and is a non-solution to a non-problem. If we're working from home there's no commute congestion so we don't need absurdly dangerous car alternatives. Always looks for the best solution, not the most tech-whizzy nonsense.

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