I think there is one important distinction between Trump and Boris-the-Clown, and it is this: Trump is genuinely an ignorant cretin, an infantile creature lacking impulse control and even the smallest fragment of morality. Trump can only be what he truly is: an accidental President who began his campaign merely to try to boost sagging viewing figures for his trash TV show and discovered by an unintentional feed-forward loop that the dull-eyed drooling mob that showed up to his rallies loved some of the stupid things he said, so he started to repeat them. Thus was his “platform” developed entirely unconsciously.

Johnson, on the other hand, while also rather stupid (providing the occasional Latin tag doesn’t imply intelligence), made a conscious decision to take the UK down the path of destruction merely in order to position himself for Number 10. He didn’t have to do it, but he chose to.

In my mind this makes him worse than Trump. Boris-the-Clown chose to be evil; Trump simply can’t help himself from being evil. In the end, Boris is even lower than Trump on the human-values scale. And that’s an astonishing conclusion.

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