I totally concur that an adequately trained person of any gender can defeat a larger assailant provided (i) they keep their head, (ii) apply techniques that work in real life, and (iii) are just lucky enough that some external factor doesn’t upend things. As a reasonably experienced 45+ year veteran of armed and unarmed combatives, I’ve seen far too many women being taught techniques in so-called “self defense” classes that will get them killed in real life. While acrobatic sports like kick-boxing may be semi-adequate for younger people, a far better approach is Krav Maga (as taught by a KMG-certified instructor, not your local karate teacher who’s just added krav to the list of things he claims he can teach…). KM uses simple techniques that you won’t forget or botch under stress, and it is 100% about effectiveness. I spent 30+ years stitching together a similar approach because until recently it was difficult to find anyone outside of Israel and a few highly specialized environments who could really teach KM. Now it’s more popular, certified instructors (you want at least a G5 or an E1) are much easier to find. But if you really truly do want to learn how to defend yourself, you need to commit to mental toughness. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

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