I wish I could be optimistic that the sensible proposals you espouse have a snowball's chance in hell of being implemented anywhere in the USA. The problems are so deep-rooted and systemic, and so coupled to maintaining the power-base of a tiny number of people (Republican politicians, the ultra-rich, white supremacists) that it is clear the situation in the USA will only get worse and worse. In Ukraine, after the "orange revolution" Viktor Yushenka fired all 70,000 traffic police because they were irredeemably corrupt and he understood that only wholesale change would make any difference. The situation is even worse in the USA but impossible to change because of the scattered nature of responsibility, funding, etc. My prediction is that eventually citizens will recognize that no change is possible and that police violence represents one of the greatest threats to life in the country, and will begin to employ some of the 400+ million firearms in circulation. At that point, things will escalate rapidly into quasi civil war. It would be lovely to imagine a more constructive outcome but the decades since the end of WWII don't offer any real hope that a more positive path can be taken. My guess is that the police & FBI will become ever-more militarized until they are nothing more than a permanent occupying force across the nation, unchecked in their use of deadly violence in the name of "law and order" while mindless fat old white people applaud from the sidelines.

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