If there was a single Republican politician in Congress who cared about his or her reputation, they’d have resigned when Trump was elected. But those days are far, far behind us. The GoP was perfectly happy to illegally refuse to hold confirmation hearings on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee because Obama had only a year to run in his second term. Nowhere is there a shred of anything that would make this cynical ploy legal, but the GoP was happy to run with it. Because the GoP has become nothing but a gang of lazy fat complacent placeholders who know with absolute certainty that the vast majority of Republican voters are too ignorant and simple-minded to notice.

Now, with Trump demonstrating how far you can go once you have the dull-eyed drooling howling mob behind you, no Republican politician would dream of opposing the Great Orange Moron. So there will be no GoP change of heart and no successful impeachment. These days, provided the simple-minded screeching mob is with you, you can do anything you want. Anything at all.


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