I'm deeply worried about even the smallest movement toward decriminalization of drugs. At present, because drugs are illegal, supply is entirely in the hands of criminal gangs who can make enormous profits as a result. Some of these profits are spent on buying guns and ammunition from proud US companies, thus aiding US balance of payments. Decriminalization will threaten the revenue streams of the cartels and therefore indirectly threaten the revenue streams of US weapons manufacturers. This dangerous precedent undermines everything the USA stands for (exporting horrors abroad in order to profit US corporations at home) and we must be very careful not to proceed further down the slippery slope of reason, humane values, and coherent policy-making. Remember: the USA is built on the solid foundations of breathtaking stupidity and monumental waste. It would be a sad day indeed if we were to forego these tried-and-true foundations for something as frivolous as the health and wellbeing of our citizens.

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