I’m genuinely convinced (and I do really mean this without a hint of sarcasm or parody) that it is impossible to remain sane and impossible to be a complete human being when one exposes oneself regularly to US pop culture. When I moved to California back in 1991 it was abundantly clear to me that all US media, whether radio or TV or movies or so-called “news” channels were merely the mental equivalent of McSlop and Kentucky Fried Cancer. As I wouldn’t dream of polluting my body with such products I could see no reason to pollute my mind with their media equivalents. It was depressing to hear people around me daily chattering away about the latest ephemeral nonsense, repeating the latest sound-bite, and generally acting like automata instead of creatures capable (in theory at least) of coherent and original thought — all because they weren’t practicing the same mental hygiene. I have no idea what a Kardashian is (aside from having read the content of your great article) and hopefully I shall forget the word before the sun sets this evening, as it’s evident from your writing that such creatures have nothing whatsoever of value to offer anyone at all. How odd that some should actually bother to pay attention to them. Perhaps it’s the age-old lure of the freak show?

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