I’m glad you were able to have some good experiences! I’ve done a fair number of MFMs in my time and I’ve almost always found the lady involved (and there have been several over the years) derives the most intense pleasure, not least as you say from the fact that multiple hands tends to overload the brain — it’s difficult to keep track and that adds to the fun. Plus orgasms for her seem to be far more frequent and far more intense. I’ve also enjoyed the reverse position whereby man A lies on his back, she impales herself on his erect penis and lies down on him, her back on his chest, and then man B positions himself above her between her legs facing her. It does help if both men can maintain lasting erections (at least 30 minutes) and are both of a decent size; otherwise the logistics can become distracting. While I know some who adore double-V, I’ve found most women prefer DP “above and below” for greater overall stimulation and pleasure. But as always, it’s down to individual preference. And I can highly recommend triple penetration — there’s something about it that most women seem to find enormously psychologically gratifying.

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