I'm very puzzled by this article. Christianity didn't spread because the Catholic Church offered better healthcare - such a thing circa 450 CE didn't exist. Mostly it spread because Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. Furthermore, while stupid people think that it's adequate to say things like "it must be true because X says so," less cognitively challenged people make at least some attempt to reason things out for themselves. And when you do that, religion is revealed as inherently risible. But the real reason that in the West educated and more intelligent people are less likely to be religious is because it's now illegal to burn, stone, crush, and otherwise persecute people who don't pretend to worship simple-minded fabrications. So religionism can no longer be imposed in Western societies. Furthermore, as empirical science has created wonders in the last 200 years but religion has created nothing at all over thousands of years, it's apparent to most thoughtful people that religion (of any kind) is a threadbare and rather empty sort of proposition. Now, ignorant people of relatively low IQ will always want simplistic answers and will always want to be told what to do and for them religion will continue to offer an inferior "guide to life" but for everyone else it has far less relevance. And that's really why fewer and fewer people each year care about imaginary invisible magic pixies.

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