I’m very troubled by the idea that US citizens may end up working fewer hours. The job is, after all, the Number One Way to avoid dealing with one’s family. Getting into the office early and staying late is the only acceptable way, aside from being terminally ill in hospital (and, frankly, you should still be at work even in this condition) to avoid the uncomfortable problems of one’s personal life.

If US citizens begin to work fewer hours, the already-high divorce rate will only rise further. If US citizens don’t retain their “behind the desk at any cost” attitude, how will managers know if their people are doing their jobs? If US citizens don’t remain chronically unhealthy because they don’t have any time to look after themselves, how will the big pharma companies continue to make double-digit profits?

So please get a grip and stop advocating for more rational approaches to work! The entire nation depends on the unquestioning continuation of putting in pointless hours. Social collapse is inevitable otherwise.

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