In addition to the excellent response given so ably by Kenny Li below, your article contains other basic errors. When we do the math on the Einstein-Rosen equations that govern a bridge between two entangled black holes (the so-called wormhole beloved of lazy SciFi writers) we see a few important things, the most important of all being the fact that an E-R bridge expands faster than it can be traversed. This is an irreducible feature of all E-R bridges. Thus, even if a living being could magically avoid being torn apart by tidal forces as they approached the black hole’s event horizon, they would forever remain inside the event horizon thereafter. Nothing, not even light, can traverse an E-R bridge. So you can never “step out” the other side.

The other major problem with the concept of teleporting a complex structure (e.g. a single molecule) is that the SciFi magic of teleportation, originally invented to remove the budgetary cost of filming model shuttle craft landing on planets for each episode, assumes classical physics (e.g. precise deterministic measurements at the sub-atomic level) but of course we know that quantum mechanics is not precisely deterministic. The uncertainty principle means that even by using quantum computers to define the original structure this would be insufficient to guarantee its exact reproduction at another location regardless of the method utilized to engineer that reproduction.

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