IPSOS/MORI polls indicate that the average Trump supporter — who is now the average Republican voter — is less educated, less healthy, and less informed than the mean values for the population as a whole. This indicates that the balance has to be made up somewhere else, and given the percentage of the population that voted at the last election, the implication is that those who voted for the Democrats must on average be of higher intelligence etc.

Furthermore, the GoP has explicitly targeted the less intelligent and less informed since the Nixon campaign of 1968 (I happen to know the daughter of the man who ran the strategy group & PR campaign back then, so I know a little about the intentionality). If we look at the subsequent evolution of the GoP we can see that it began by capturing the less intelligent and by a great irony ended up being captured by them. The “peasant’s revolt” led by Gingritch was an early indicator; the Tea Party victories were a confirmation of the trend. Looking at countless hours of Congressional activity on Youtube one can hardly find a better indicator of the abysmal intellectual level of the average GoP politician today.

As for the evangelicals, it’s true that in their fantasy world they think their invisible magical creature has put Trump in the White House for the purpose of ensuring the USA returns to a medieval theocracy, but that merely proves my point — these people are extremely dull-witted, otherwise they wouldn’t believe in the nonsense they cling to so assiduously.

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