It is certainly true that food companies have learned how to create products that reliably hijack hardwired neurological pathways, so they can sell toxic junk to unwary consumers. And it's also true that once you're hooked it's very difficult to break free. But here is one important message: when you begin to exercise (and I mean real, strenuous exercise) you will feel like absolute crap. Your body will hate you and you'll never want to do it again. But if you keep exercising, within a surprisingly short period of time (usually 6 to 12 weeks) your body will adapt and that toxic slop you used to crave will seem repellent to you. This is because, when you make your body work as it was evolved to work, it needs real food. The very hardwiring that made you vulnerable to junk when you were sedentary makes you much less interested in it when you're properly active. That is why the very best way to get healthy is to begin a strenuous exercise regime (carefully, because your body isn't ready for it) and stick to it. After that, eating real healthy foods becomes not only easy but far more pleasurable than consuming fatty salty processed junk.

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