It may also be worth referencing the multiple studies that show exercise and proper nutrition have highly significant roles to play when it comes to ageing. The Buck Institute for Age Research has often published papers on the topic of ageing and age-related diseases. Back in 2006 Dr Simon Melov and colleagues in Canada showed that after 3 months of moderate weight-bearing exercise three times per week, an experimental cohort of 70-to-80-year-olds not only increased muscle mass and bone density but also changed their gene expression profiles, resulting in reduced inflammation, better digestion, and a variety of other beneficial changes.

The fact is, we’ve known for a long time that eating healthy foods that provide sufficient micro-nutrients plus regular aerobic and weight-bearing exercises can add not only to lifespan but, far more importantly, to healthspan. Sadly, most people are fat, lazy, and just want a pill they can swallow to offset the effects of their abysmal lifestyle choices. Hence 86% of US citizens are overweight and the average US citizen aged over 60 is now on 15 different prescriptions.

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