It may be worth writing an article about the appalling US healthcare practices regarding the entire pre-partum, birth, and post-partum experience. Why does the USA have a 30%+ C-section rate whereas in countries where they use C-section only for emergencies and practice natural childbirth the rate is 2 per 1,000 births? Why do US doctors regard birth as a medical emergency rather than a natural process that doesn’t usually require any intervention at all? The entire US birthing experience, as I discovered when my then-wife and I had our children, is totally insane and guaranteed to cause endless complications — even without mad practices like the moronic “husband stitch.” As you probably know, there is zero evidence for efficacy regarding episiotomy, which is just another insane US medical invention that’s totally unnecessary and actively harmful, like fetal heartbeat monitors etc which send doctors into paroxysms but don’t provide a reliable guide to the actual condition of the fetus. Which is why many European countries discourage their use during birth these days.

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