It seems to me, as a European with healthy sexual attitudes and a lifetime of experiences, you simply have a higher-than-normal sex drive. As a teen, of course you didn't know what to do about it; how could you? The USA is so deeply repressed that psychologists and therapists automatically impose sexually-repressed attitudes and dress them up as diagnoses. This makes everything worse. As for the idea that sexuality is the manifestation of other, deeper, psychological problems, that's just another version of standard US fear of sex. Sure, there are plenty of practical problems resulting from having a higher-than-usual sex drive, just like there are plenty of problems resulting from being more intelligent than the average. But, so far at least, no therapist has been able to make their mortgage payment by pretending to treat "intelligence addiction." Perhaps a few years in one of the Scandinavian countries would be enough to persuade you that (a) you're perfectly normal, and (b) having a high sex-drive doesn't necessarily have deleterious consequences. In fact, just like high intelligence, it can have many positive benefits.

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