It seems to me that apps like Tinder are essentially worthless for a great many people simply because there's almost no cost to using them, either in terms of time & effort or in terms of cash. Sure, people are addicted to swiping, but that's not a cost (as far as their brain chemistry is concerned). Thus everyone and their pet hamster is on Tinder but no one really takes it seriously. If you happen to be attractive and there's no risk, either professional or personal, to showing your face and at least one full-body (clothed, please) shot then your odds of meeting real people increase significantly but even then the signal-to-noise ratio is deeply unfavorable. There are, presumably, other apps that demand greater commitment and thus probably deliver greater odds of you securing what you are looking for. But any low-cost approach is most likely merely to yield frustration. That's basic behavioral economics at work.

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