It's a curious philosophical error to go from observing that modern animal farming practices are abhorrent to assuming the answer is to abjure all consumption of meat. The rational conclusion is (a) to realize we can all be healthy consuming far less meat, and (b) we urgently need far more adequate food safety and ethical practices legislation that is firmly enforced. Our current over-consumption of meat leads to appalling and wasteful practices, but arguing that "the answer" is veganism is akin to noting that US football is an appalling health hazard and concluding that "the answer" is for everyone to remain forever on the sofa. We are obligate omnivores and while with sufficient supplementation it is possible to survive on a vegan diet one must accept that attempting to impose such unhealthy physical preconditions on others is neither ethical nor moral. There is a great deal wrong with modern diets, but substituting one deficient approach with another is not progress.

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