It’s a curious thing but it would in fact be difficult to design a lifestyle worse for people than the typical lifestyle so many in the West inflict on themselves today. From cramming nutrient-free McSlop into our throats to flooding our brains with toxic “entertainment” and sensationalist “news,” to being basically inert nearly 24 hours per day, we’ve embraced the worst possible ways to live.

No wonder 86% of US citizens are fat, obese, morbidly obese, or hyper-obese. No wonder the USA is seeing a resurgence of scurvy and rickets in the South. No wonder the average US citizen over the age of 50 consumes 17 different prescription medications per year. And no wonder everyone gets too little sleep because their brains are over-stimulated by fear-inducing media noise.

Add to that our present cellphone addiction and the fact the average US citizen now has an attention span that’s less than that of a goldfish, and it’s not surprising that the USA is the most unhealthy society in human history.

On the bright side, it means large corporations can make enormous profits from using citizens as living trash-cans into which endless streams of poisonous junk (both physical and mental) can be poured. And apparently that’s the true purpose of life.

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