It’s a great shame so much of the world has been influenced by the neurotic cult mythology of an ancient tribe of ignorant violent goat-herders, with its peasant terror of sexuality and by extension anything to do with physical pleasure. The USA suffers far more than Europe precisely because the USA is more religious than Western Europe. Not for us here across the Atlantic the enervating terror of sexuality that destroys happiness; we have (still) nude beaches, plenty of nude camping and sporting areas, and of course the Nordic culture of sauna. Thus we encounter many other naked bodies of all ages, shapes, sizes, and gender and we become accustomed both to variety and to its normalcy. It’s hard to be ashamed of one’s own body, and to fall for the tropes of the beauty industry, when it’s obvious from all those around us that we’re pretty much the same as most other folk. In the USA everything is sexualized to sell product, but people are dehumanized through fear. A very poor equation indeed.


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