It’s a rather sad day when people use a viral infection to spout racist views. Furthermore, as covid-19 appears to kill only the very old and the very sick, 98% of the world’s population is being told to self-isolate whereas focusing on those most at risk would be a far more effective and far less harmful strategy. Perhaps some of the “white folks” you are so eager to criticize in your article have worked out that current policy is (a) unsustainable, and (b) counter-productive. Sure, it’s lovely to embrace mass hysteria and yes, the mass media is all about creating groupthink and mindless fear. But combining this lamentable fact with politically correct but fundamentally racist posturing helps no one and merely contributes to the mass idiocy we see all around us.

At some point, even the most brain-dead politicians are going to realize they’ve created a totally stupid situation and that the resources being squandered on massive bailouts should instead have been applied to protect the vulnerable, not cripple the 98% of the population that will either show no symptoms whatsoever or will merely have a mild cold for a few days. But until then we have to watch ordinary human stupidity play itself out, ideally without racist commentary from the sidelines.

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