It’s a sad testimony to how slow we are as a species to adapt to new possibilities that we still have people commuting in an age when instantaneous audiovisual communication is the norm. Gathering clerks together in a single location was the 19th century answer to the need for centralized data processing. Today we have an amazing invention called the Internet. 70% of white collar jobs could be done far better from home, but we still expect people to waste time and energy and burn millions of barrels of oil (releasing billions of tons of CO2) pointlessly commuting. The real solution to terrible commutes is not to spread a thin veneer over the top but rather to recognize that for a great many people commuting is just stupid. If we taxed corporations on office space, it wouldn’t be long before more rational approaches to work were implemented. Unfortunately, we’re not a species overly endowed with intelligence and so the commute will grind on and on and on…

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