It's a shame this article merely repeats uncritically assertions made on the basis of meaningless studies. The hamster study is a classic example of pseudo-science and I encourage everyone to read it carefully and then read a primer on basic statistical analysis. Sadly in the USA SARS-CoV2 has become primarily a political issue (Dems terrified of it, Trumpies think it's fake news) instead of what it ought to be: a subject for rigorous scientific inquiry. So far the "science" is more Pons & Fleischmann than valuable contribution, which is an enormous shame. As the Stanford Medical Center pointed out in their review of 29 covid-19 studies, most are totally worthless and the rest don't meet adequate standards of proof. As we discover from countries that have implemented universal testing, between 91% - 93% of infections remain totally asymptomatic (WHO data, August 2020) and the per capita mortality rate in even the worst-hit nations remains well under one-tenth of one percent. Not at all the terrifying pandemic the mass media likes to portray. Furthermore, as doctors have now generally stopped killing up to 80% of patients by inducing coma and ventilating them, the mortality rate has plummeted.

In short, most people should stop being terrified and realize that SARS-CoV2, despite the sensationalism, is a minor risk factor compared to those incurred from poor lifestyle choices. Around 13,000,000 people die each year from obesity and smoking related diseases; this dwarfs even the most pessimistic eventual toll from covid-19. If we really care about our health we shouldn’t be letting ourselves be driven into mindless hysteria by irresponsible media reportage but instead ought to be focusing on doing a far better job of making more adequate lifestyle choices day in and day out. Facemasks are easy hygiene theater but they won’t stop people from dying of heart disease, diabetes, or lung cancer. And those are the real killers, not a nearly-harmless virus. And let’s remember too that while One Million Dead! makes a great headline, six million people die each month as a matter of course. As SARS-CoV2 commenced in December 2019, this means 60 million have died since then, only 1 million of which were nominally from covid-19 (and remember: at least 70% of those deaths were due to doctors forcing patients onto ventilators).

We need a sense of proportion, not least because our hysterical panic-induced actions have thrown 250,000,000 people into abject penury and literal starvation. Just because the western media doesn’t want to cover this very off-message consequence of our comfortable self-induced panic doesn’t mean it’s not profoundly amoral and plain stupid. 140,000,000 children have now gone without essential life-saving vaccinations and the WHO estimates at least 10% of these children will die in the coming years as a result. That’s 14 million unnecessary deaths. All because we in the West panicked.

This article merely reinforces a false sense of danger and as such contributes to the stupidity and inappropriate behaviors that have caused the greatest unnecessary humanitarian crisis in recent history. Merely because those who are suffering most from our folly have dark skins and live far away doesn’t make our actions less terrible. Covid-19 is not, repeat not, a political issue. It’s a scientific disaster and a humanitarian catastrophe resulting from our mindless folly.

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