It's actually so much simpler. As Truzzi pointed out, "extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence." There is a limitless amount of nonsense the human mind can conjure up, and it would be absurd for anyone to consider for a moment debating nonsense - why waste precious time attempting to convince me that one million invisible ethereal magical chickens are not dancing on the table in front of me when I believe fervently (without any evidence in support of the contention) that they are? Why not, instead, simply agree to live in the real world, a world of empiricism. If there's no tangible repeatable evidence for something, we can reasonably assume it doesn't exist. The onus is entirely on those proposing its existence to prove their claims. Until they do, the rest of us can ignore them. Otherwise we spend our time chasing invisible magical chickens and anti-gravity ice-cream and every other fragment of infantile nonsense the human mind can squeeze into words, which is a terrible waste of time, effort, and precious moments of life.

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