It's always a mistake to see any complex topic through a myopic lens. Aside from the fact than non-lockdown Sweden has a lower rate of per capita covid-19 mortality than 7 nations that have implemented lockdowns, the bigger point is that everyone's ignoring the costs while focusing on highly exaggerated benefits. We know from WHO data that at least 90% of those infected experience zero symptoms. We know from all available data that even the worst-hit nations experience a per capita mortality rate of under two-tenths of one percent and that the global mortality rate, even after estimating uncounted cases, is less than one-one-hundredth of a percent. Yet we've thrown 1.5 billion people into acute financial jeopardy and caused several million to starve to death in the world's poorest countries. We've vacated hospital beds for covid patients, leading thousands to die prematurely of cancer and other diseases. We've wrecked the lives of millions in order to temporarily save thousands. This makes precisely zero sense. So there's very little point in fussing over whether partial or total lockdowns do or do not make a difference; the real problem is our insane response to what is in reality a trivial threat. Remember: ten times as many people die every single day of lifestyle diseases caused by poor choices than die of SARS-COV2. But we don't shut the world down for them. Were it not for endless media sensationalism, the fact is we wouldn't even notice covid-19 because we certainly didn't notice the 15 million who've died of lifestyle-related diseases in the same period of time.

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